Sunday, April 30, 2017

Day 30: Shavasana

Close your eyes.
Feel every place where your body comes in contact with the floor beneath you.

I have made things happen
in small hops
from contract to contract,
warranty to warranty:
a permanence continually replaced.
This is how I understood progress.

Let your body relax and sink into those places.

I signed for you.
There is a paper to prove it.
We’ve climbed imaginary ropes
Always reaching for a higher anchor;
Our palms are burned to bleeding.
This is how I understood love.

Pay attention to your breath moving down your spine. Notice the pause before you exhale.

Yet things will happen
and I will continue to be.
As I bend deeper into life,
the energy of life will hold me up inside it.

Feel the warmth in your arms and in your hands. Notice the sensations there.

You were never mine to have or hold,
nor will You be.
So I choose to love you as the sunflower loves,
rather than the vine.
Perhaps time will offer us a bargain.
Perhaps not.

Feel the slow rise and fall of your chest as you release your neck and shoulders.

There is no private island.
There is this.
This unknowable,
This beautiful,
This maze of togetherness.

All you have to do is let go.

Day 29: no sound no questions

ghost me out for a little while
let me bow my head
please don’t orchestrate me
no sound no questions

don’t try to make sense
it doesn’t make sense
it’s not about you
just leave the light off
here, if I stay still
i have no repercussions

I can do better
but I have to catch my breath
I can smile sincerely
but it still takes some practice
so ghost me out for a little while
no sound no questions
just leave the light off
and go.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Day 28: The Next Revolution

This is the next revolution:
A child reading by lamplight
In a silent house.